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Policy brief

Policy Brief elaborated to disseminate and facilitate the implementation of the INSTrUCT resources in Europe.

Policy Brief (SHORT)

Policy Brief elaborated to disseminate and facilitate the implementation of the INSTrUCT resources in Europe.

Policy Brief (FULL)


Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors and Organization in health professions students (KABO_S) Questionnaire. English version.

KABO_S (English)

Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviors and Organization in health professions students (KABO_S) Questionnaire. Spanish version.

KABO_S (Spanish)

Theory Modules (SCORM)

These modules use the SCORM standard format which can be easily imported into most LMS systems like Moodle. Please refer to your institution's technicians in order to get assistance on how to import these modules.

Download SCORM files

In this link you will find the following files and folders:

Practical Case Videos (MP4)

Six short videos to reinforce the key aspects of the theoretical modules that illustrate specific situations of care for smokers in clinical practice.

Each video is available for download as an MP4 file and accessible online through the Vimeo website.

Download files

Vimeo links

Presentación del caso: [ENGLISH] [SPANISH] [PORTUGUESE] [FRENCH]
1. Realización de la Cooximetría: [ENGLISH] [SPANISH] [PORTUGUESE] [FRENCH]
2. Consejo Breve Oportunista: [ENGLISH] [SPANISH] [PORTUGUESE] [FRENCH]
4. Intervención Breve Motivacional: [ENGLISH] [SPANISH] [PORTUGUESE] [FRENCH]
5. Tratamiento Farmacológico: [ENGLISH] [SPANISH] [PORTUGUESE] [FRENCH]

Virtual Simulation Videos (MP4)

The program proposes three practical cases similar to those that a health professional can find in the usual clinic:

Each case has the following structure: 1) introduction to the case (prebriefing); 2) summary of the situation; 3) scenario and; 4) debriefing. During the scenario, students participate by choosing in each case which is the most appropriate response according to the possibilities raised.

Each case consists of several scenes that are presented in video form. After viewing a scene, in which a specific situation is represented, the student is asked to answer a question (or "request") related to the scene and whose content has been provided in the theoretical modules of the INSTrUCT course. Depending on the response option chosen, the designed virtual simulation offers feedback where the response is contextualized and an explanation is offered, and a video is presented with the consequences that said choice could have for the person served.

Access online Virtual Simulation platform

There's a working online platform where students can self-enroll and try out the virtual simulation.

Online Virtual Simulation Platform

Access the video files

All the virtual simulation videos are available for download to implement and host the virtual simulation in your institution's platform.

Download Virtual Simulation videos

Other resources

Here you can find other documents and related resources.

Quiz Questionnaires

Other resources

How to use the materials

The INSTrUCT resource is made up of five theoretical modules, five videos, a theoretical knowledge evaluation questionnaire and three virtual simulation practical cases.

The technical specifications and considerations to take into account for the use of these materials are thoroughly described in the INSTrUCT_OER_Technical_Implementation_Guide .

Support and community

Although we do not offer technical support for the implementation of the INSTrUCT OER resources, we aim to build a community of users that can support each other into any difficulties that might arise. If you're using the OER resources, you can join our growing community in the community section of the webpage.

You are welcome to join the INSTrUCT LinkedIn group where project updates are being shared, and it works as a meeting point for all the institutions that are using these materials.

You will also find project updates through the #INSTrUCTProject Twitter hashtag.

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Instruct Project (2022)

Complete list of authors: Cristina Martínez, Miren Idoia Pardavila-Belio, Maria Duaso, Sandra Tricas-Sauras, Ariadna Feliu, Mercè Margalef, Marco Cornejo Ovalle, Laura Anton, Montserrat Puig-Llobet, Maria Teresa Lluch-Canut, Carmen Moreno-Arroyo , Zaida Agüera, Raül Sancho, Maria Pueyo, Navidad Canga, Hildegart González, Olga Romero, Montse Ballbè, Esteve Fernández, Jordi Vilaplana, Tereza Barroso, Maria Isabel Dias Marques, Judith Roca, Assumpta Company, Francesc Solsona, Jordi Mateo, Josep Rius.

The OER INSTrUCT (Reference: 2019-1-ES01-KA203-064496) has been funded by the ERASMUS + European Union Program.